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A Wealth Of Experience

Dr. Una Clarke and her Associates have a wealth of experience in diverse fields of:

Education (Early Childhood, Secondary and University levels), International Real Estate, International Trade and Commerce, Health Services, Marketing and Public Relations, Government Relations, Political Consulting, Finance and Business Management.

Business/Community Involvement

Dr. Una Clarke works tirelessly with local and international groups and organizations, that are involved in a variety of worthwhile community and entrepreneurial development causes.
Dr. Una Clarke also consults with a variety of large, mid-size and small business owners by providing Seminars, Workshops and Business Plan development.

Diversity Training

Dr. Una Clarke and Associates provides assistance to agencies, organizations (corporate or social) to manage, train and develop the best diversified workforce to meet special and specific needs.

Event Planning: This includes conference planning, publicity events, fundraising events, specials events, meetings, etc.

Policy Research

* As a lifelong scholar, Dr. Clarke, has delivered lectures, seminars and workshops on methods of research.
* Dr. Clarke appointed to the Board of Trustees of CUNY.
* Dr. Clarke has led campaigns for citizenship & voter registration. * Check out Dr. Clarke on FACEBOOK and her TWITTER FEED
* View Dr. Clarke's 2013 Birthday Event on YOUTUBE

The Hon. Dr. Una S.T. Clarke

* Masters Of Education: NYU.
* Bachelor of Science: Long Island University.
* Post-Graduate Studies: Teachers College.
* Post-Graduate Studies: Columbia University.
* Commander of the Order of Distinction: Jamaica.
* Former New York City Councilmember
* Former Director: Empire State Development Corporation